I’m Phil

Online Marketer.
Website Developer.
Brand Designer.

Providing Sustainable High-Quality-Lead Strategies for Businesses

Modern Tools & Concepts Deliver Reliable Success Fast.

"Phil keeps bringing in high-quality leads. Even with a complex product like Protonet." - Protonet CTO Christopher Blum

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Well-Versed In Modern Online Marketing

Online marketing activities: Traffic Analysis, A/B Testing, Conversion Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Personalization, Email Automation and Lead Scoring.

I can: identify your product USP, find your target audience, build a pool of high-quality leads and cater polished sales offers through your website, social media channels and email.

"Getting ideas off the ground is possible thanks to Phil. His design ideas and technological background keep you covered any time." - Protonet CEO Ali Jelveh

I am an online marketer and you can hire me.

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Deep Understanding Of Design & Brands

Design & brand activities: Customer Experience, Information Architecture, User Interface, Brand Identity 

I can: create a strong brand identity based on your company's core values. I know to ask the questions that reveal the true identity of your company. I integrate these values into your existing sales funnel.

"Many people tried to show-off our product. Phil just got it right." - Protonet CFO Boris Siegenthaler

I am a brand communication designer and you can book my services.

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15+ Years Of Experience In Website Development

Development activities: Client Website Development on Content Systems including WordPress or Entirely From Scratch, using Web Development Standards including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby.

Latest Projects: SoulCollab, Protonet, Nochtspeicher, Akofin AG

I can: build you a professional shop or portfolio website and also integrate third-party services into your existing website. I have 15 years of experience in hand-crafting and customizing existing websites.

Unfortunately, you can’t hire me as a frontend developer anymore but I will love to build your website with some efficient tools as the central element of your digital marketing strategy.

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